Distance Learning Conversations:

It has been amazing to see the way Powhatan School faculty continued to deliver on the educational experience during the quarantine shutdown. We caught up with faculty throughout the experience to talk about ways we were continuing to challenge and engage students during these unprecedented times. Catch up with a few of these video interviews below:

Sixth Grade Math: Differentiation (Mrs. Kesler)

Our online math classes meet in various ways. We use both synchronous and asynchronous delivery for content and adjust weekly with small groups and classroom office hours. This allows for me to differentiate teaching and learning to best meet student needs. Depending on the activity, some students are highly independent and others may need more time to explore the content, so the office hours approach gives us the opportunity to answer individual questions in more depth.

Fifth Grade: Reflecting on the Motto (Mrs. Bell)

I like to think that students are going to walk away from this trimester knowing about ancient civilizations, flight and fractions; but what really matters is their resilience, teamwork, perseverance and grit through all of this. The kids have been challenged to harness and ramp up so many of their skills, such as organization, technology use and communication, and self-regulation all the while establishing new spaces and routines and maintaining their integrity within the boundaries of their homes. All of this is paired with learning this new structure of distance learning.

Seventh Grade: Communication & Collaboration (Mrs. Hobbs)

Distance Learning provided an opportunity to see projects in a new light. In seventh grade science, the Mars Colony Project is a culminating activity for the astronomy unit. Students learned about space travel, the solar system and stars and galaxies. They researched and learned about NASA programs and Space X Mars exploration programs. After researching these activities, they then were tasked to build and design a realistic Mars colonies using a Virtual Reality platform called CoSpaces.

“It was fascinating to see the amount of communication and collaboration the students had to use to pull off the project,” says Mrs. Hobbs. “They really got creative with how they communicated with each other. Some of them were leaving messages for their partner within the CoSpace environment and it was great to talk to them about that process.”

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