Earth Week Activities 2022

Published On: May 6th, 2022 | Categories: Food for Thought |

Earth Week is always a busy time on our campus. This year our theme was “We are all in this together!”, and our school community jumped right into Earth Week activities – working together to make the world a better place for all of us.

Trout Release:

The highlight of the week was the Fourth grade Trout Release around the corner at Carter Hall. We love hands-on experiential learning experiences for students and this one exceeded all expectations!

Students headed down to Spout Run and teamed up with Mr. Coffman, an expert from Trout Unlimited. Students spent the morning learning about trout habitats, and reviewing the health indicators stemming from their previous work on campus.

They used a Seine net to explore the diverse lifeforms living in Spout Run. After pulling it out of the water, students dug in to find all types of critters!

Students have been raising brook trout in their classroom all year long. Working carefully with their classmates, they gently released the trout into Spout Run. It was exciting to release the trout into their natural habitat!


On the Crocker Conservancy:

Pre-K spent the morning filling their bird feeders with suet and then heading out to place them back in the trees on the Crocker Conservancy, while second and third graders learned all about snakes over at the Pavillion.

Buddy Activities:

Earth Week saw the return of the Buddy Program on campus! The Buddy program pairs students at different grade levels together for learning activities and plenty of fun. A perfect example was Sixth graders helping their second grade little Buddies with a planting activity on the Crocker Conservancy.

Buddies & Birdhouses:

Eighth graders headed over to the Kindergarten pavilion to help their little buddies paint birdhouses!

Building relationships with new children each year contributes to the social and emotional well-being of each member of our Powhatan community, and we feel strongly that this is an essential part of all children’s education. This activity provides big buddies with leadership opportunities and teaches patience. Little buddies gained confidence and feel a strong sense of community, a sense of place and a deep sense of belonging.

Book Fair & Visiting Author:

This year there is a great connection between our visiting author and Earth Week. Author Stacy McAnulty visited and spoke with students at all grade levels. Her book, Our Planet! There’s No Place Like Earth, describes the Earth, its challenges, and how to help.