Experiential Learning: Tangier Island

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The eighth grade class headed to Tangier Island for a three-day overnight field trip with the award-winning Chesapeake Bay Foundation Education Program.

“We live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, so the children experience firsthand how what we do upstream affects things downstream. The students learn so much about the ecology of the bay and by actually living on the bay for three days, our students develop a true appreciation of how our actions directly affect the bay’s health. Getting them out on the water really brings what they are studying in the classroom to life.” ~ Mrs. Hobbs, Upper School science teacher

According to the CBF website the program is described as follows: “In the heart of the Chesapeake, students and teachers spend three days and two nights experiencing the Bay at its wildest and most remote. Through hands-on activities and lively discussions, CBF educators demonstrate that even far from urban and agricultural activity, pollution flowing downstream threatens the Bay’s productivity. Though each location is unique, participants at the four island centers experience the culture, history, and ecology of the Bay. Wetlands, grass beds, and tidal flats teem with life, offering many opportunities for exploration and investigation by foot, canoes, and workboats. Students and teachers also have the opportunity to interact with the local community to learn how the livelihoods of watermen are connected to the Bay. These experiences connect both the natural and social systems of the Chesapeake. Students gain firsthand knowledge of academic disciplines such as earth science, biology, chemistry, civics, economics, and government in addition to practicing sustainable conservation and responsible citizenship.” For more information about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, please visit their website at www.cbf.org.

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