Hour of CODE: Artificial Intelligence

Published On: December 12th, 2023 | Categories: Food for Thought |

Hour of Code week is a global phenomenon and a highlight of the Innovation & Technology Department each year. This year we have students working with AI by coding different filters on their faces, using machine learning to play rock paper scissors against a computer, programming a Flappy Bird game to follow their nose, and as always an added buddy twist.

“I love the Buddy Program and I’ve infused Buddy activities within Powhatan’s Hour of CODE event throughout the years here,” says Mrs. Miller, the Innovation & Technology teacher. “Buddy activities match older students with younger students across grade levels. It strengthens our community and allows students to work together and learn from one another, promoting collaboration and teamwork.” It also provides an opportunity for older students to act as role models and mentors for their younger peers, fostering leadership skills and a sense of responsibility.

This year, our fifth grade students paired up with a kindergartener for their Hour of Code activity. Each kindergartener had an older buddy to sit with them while they were doing each of their activities. Their first activity was to code a program that would recognize their face and attach different funny things to it, such as a dog nose or fake glasses. The kindergarten students followed along and added in the correct codes, while their buddy helped to troubleshoot and answer any questions they had. During their second activity, kindergarteners used iPads with their older buddies and with the help of an AI program they were able to catch digital fruits in their digital baskets. They also had the chance to make their stick figures drawn on paper come to life and dance through an app using machine learning.

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