Dear Powhatan Parents,

Last week, as I watched young and older students work together planting trees on the Crocker Conservancy, one of the many reasons that I came to Powhatan was highlighted once again for me – we are a Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school. The learning opportunities when elementary and middle school students attend classes together on the same campus are many and invaluable.

treesplantThese benefits span all age ranges and provide students with the opportunity to gain important lifelong learning skills. Older students gain confidence and build self-esteem by helping and teaching younger students. Younger students see older students being positive role models and then they aspire to be helpful and kind when they get older. Peer to peer learning enables the students who teach a skill to solidify their understanding of it while the student being taught is less fearful to make a mistake or take a risk to try something new. The “one room school house” setting comes alive, creating a “family feeling” type of learning experience. And at Powhatan, all that happens under the watchful eyes of teachers who are themselves modeling collaboration and getting the opportunity to work with children beyond their own classroom wall and grade level.

Powhatan is a school where every part of a students’ educational journey is cherished and celebrated. Our elementary children are gently and consistently given the foundation needed for middle school, and our middle school students are given the time and opportunity to hone their skills and develop into leaders and confident learners. The transitions from grade to grade flow smoothly, and students are known as individuals. They move into their high school years as well rounded, young people ready to face the challenges ahead of them.

Research confirms what I have experienced over my last four years at Powhatan! Please take a moment to read the articles below that speak to the PK-8 environment.

Wall Street Journal / Columbia University Study: CLICK HERE

Harvard University Study: CLICK HERE

Lastly, please join me for a podcast with Dr. Kevin Hessberg about this important added benefit to a Powhatan education.

Enjoy our glorious spring!

Sue Scarborough
Head of School