A Virtual Gathering

Welcome to our fourth Monday Morning Gathering during distance learning! Click on the video below to view Mrs. Scarborough’s weekly message to the school community.


Earth Week:

It’s Earth Week!

Although Wednesday April 22 is the official Earth Day, Powhatan will offer activities during the week of April 20-24. Some activities will be for several grades, some will be for a specific grade, and some will be incorporated into specific classes like English or math or science.

Earth Day was started by Gaylord Nelson, a U. S. Senator from Wisconsin. Americans had become very concerned about pollution and its impact on human life. The book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson pointed out the damage that pollution was doing to other organisms. On April 22, 1970 twenty million Americans (or about 10% of the population) rallied in support of a safer environment. The momentum of Earth Day led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Today Earth Day is considered the largest secular observance in the world with over a billion people participating.

We will ask Powhatan families to participate this year first and foremost by taking the time to go outside and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Whether it’s a backyard safari, a walk through the woods, or a float down the river in a kayak, we hope each of you will take time to get out of the house and immerse yourself in the natural world this week, at whatever level feels comfortable to you and your family. We will also ask you to talk as a family about one way that you could help us in our school-wide rally to support the environment. We will be posting ideas large and small all week, with nature themes throughout. We hope you enjoy the chance to step back from the screen and breathe the fresh air with us as we celebrate Earth Week together.

The Crocker Conservancy:

We thought a hike out onto the Crocker Conservancy would be a wonderful start to Earth Week and the perfect setting for our weekly Virtual Gathering.

We are continually using the lens of NEAL (Nature-Enhanced Approach to Learning) as we create, amend, and reflect upon our curriculum. The Crocker Conservancy adds a whole new dimension to the scope of the NEAL program, allowing for the 47 acres directly behind the school to become an outdoor laboratory for hands-on experiential learning.

The Crocker Conservancy is made up of the 47-acres located in the back of our campus. There are three main habitats on the Crocker Conservancy, including a wetland habitat, warm season grass and wild flower meadow and hardwood forests. Each unique learning space offers real-world opportunities for students to learn and discover.

Monday Morning Gathering:

Connection is what keeps a community together and Powhatan has many traditions that provide opportunities to reach out to each other and show that we care. Monday Morning Gathering is one of those traditions. It brings us all together each week to recognize accomplishments, be inspired by our pillars of learning, and start the week together on a positive note. Although we can’t physically be together during our distance learning time, it is still important for us to start our week together. By continuing to provide continuity to our school year, it will remind everyone that we although we are apart, we are still here for each other. We are still the Powhatan Community.