Dear Powhatan Families,

The hustle and bustle of the preparations for the new school year have certainly kept us all very busy over the last few weeks! Delivering boxes, putting the final touches on bulletin boards, cleaning buses, and remembering all the details to make the first days of school special are part of the essential plans for welcoming students on the first day of the new school year. Our summer staff, in particular, have worked very hard to get us to this day, and I’m so grateful for their commitment and diligence.

But great schools like Powhatan go farther than just providing these essentials to start the school year. We use the first days and weeks back together for setting the tone of the school year for both students and faculty. Using our traditions, mission and pillars are all ways to highlight our school’s values and guide our students to live and practice them each day. Taking the time to talk about our principles and modeling them in our adult interactions are just as important as helping students master academic skills. At Powhatan, we do both — creating a community where students are nurtured academically, emotionally, morally.

Our teachers know that it is impossible to educate students academically without engaging their social and emotional side of learning. When children feel part of a supportive community, they will thrive, grow and become confident and responsible members of their school community and the broader community. Our Pillars of Integrity, Respect, Civility, Excellence and Service become more than words – they are our compass to guide us through the ups and downs of relationships, academic learning, and the everyday stress of life. This scenario is truly powerful through June if it is a priority on day one of the school year. And it can make a huge impact on our graduates as we launch them on the next steps of their education and life experiences.

So welcome to another Powhatan year together! I look forward to leading our great institution into its seventieth year of educating young students to become the next generation of learners and leaders.

My Best,

Sue Scarborough
Head of School