A centerpiece of Upper School Retreat is the Full Value Contract.

One of the unique facets of the Upper School community is the Advisement program. Throughout the regular school year each faculty member mentor meets with twelve students for four mornings each week based on the Responsive Classroom SEL program. It supports student’s social and emotional growth throughout the year and it starts with Retreat.

Almost immediately upon arrival at camp the students break into their advisement groups and begin to work on how they will make the most out of their Retreat experience. They create written guidelines taking personal responsibility for how they will contribute to and make the most positive impact on the retreat.

Many of the advisement groups used the 5 Pillars of the Powhatan School mission statement as a framework for creating the Full Value Contract.

We talked with Mr. Beck, an Upper School history teacher and athletic coach, to learn how Retreat sets the foundation for his advisement in the video below:


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