The Athletic Department was thrilled with the results from the Mile Run at Hill School. Powhatan received a total of thirty ribbons (the highest amongst all schools) and had five 1st place finishers in eight races. The Top 10 finishers by age group and gender were recognized at the closing ceremonies, but our results as a whole school were incredible. Many of our students achieved personal best times and gave a great effort on their run. Our students showed excellent sportsmanship supporting each other as well as the other teams in attendance. It was definitely a Powhatan Day!
~Mr. Burke, Athletic Director

Placed (Top-10)


13+ Girls: Tenley Nelson (1st), Sydney Kelble (4th), Maddy Sluss (7th), and Lily Hiembach (9th)
13+ Boys: Cal Beckett (1st), Carter Bessette (2nd), Ronnie Martin (5th), Emmet Morris (7th)
12 Girls: Teya Starley (2nd), Sophia Appiah (4th), Ellie Bessette (9th), and Amelia Newman (10th)
12 Boys: Josh Nieman (3rd), JJ Werner (5th), Thomas Major (8th), and Adam Rosenfeld (9th)
11 Girls: Ella Warren (1st), Kirin Nashed (3rd), and Emmalene Morris (7th)
11 Boys: Burns Beckett (1st), Finn Slaughter (2nd), Will Yoder (3rd), Skip Dickson (4th), and Brooks Gerhard (5th)
9-10 Girls: Ella Holgate (1st), Grace Gerenski (2nd), and Mia Timberlake (3rd)
9-10 Boys: Hudson Slaughter (2nd), Chase Yoder (3rd), and Noah Nieman (8th)

(Special thanks to Mrs. Sluss for the awesome photo at the top of the page)