Powhatan School is celebrating the International Day of Peace (September 21st) through an all-school art project. Each student at every grade level is creating their own Peace Flag using a process called Batiking.

The Batik art process is fascinating. Students plan and sketch their piece on paper. Using a resist, students draw an outline of their design on the cotton fabric. Once the resist dries, students add color to their image by using acrylic paints, bleeding silk dyes, watercolors or markers (for our youngest artists on campus). The completed artwork is steam set and washed to create a functional final product.

International Day of Peace

“One of the things I loved about this project is that the entire school is involved,” said Ms. Rodway, Lower School art teacher. “The majority of our art projects are grade-specific, so this opportunity to bring everyone together around peace and art is wonderful.”

United Nations: International Day of Peace (www.un.org)

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

The United Nations Member States adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 because they understood that it would not be possible to build a peaceful world if steps were not taken to achieve economic and social development for all people everywhere, and ensure that their rights were protected. The Sustainable Goals cover a broad range of issues, including poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice.

Visit the United Nations website for more detailed information: http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/