We caught up with Mrs. Bell at the end of the second week of synchronous Distance Learning to reflect on the pivot to a virtual fifth grade classroom.



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Classroom Culture & Mindset:

Establishing a positive perspective is the fuel that has kept us moving forward. We are fortunate as individuals that we get to choose what our perspective is on all of this. So I can either see the pace and the change as a burden, or I can see it as a blessing. What we choose to magnify becomes the biggest thing we see. We can either choose to magnify the challenges and the hurdles and hardships, or we can celebrate small victories, milestones, and the things that make us joyful in this process – and for me that is my students.

Our students have demonstrated growth mindset like I’ve never seen before. Their resilience in this process just continues to amaze me.

Reflecting on the Motto:

I like to think that students are going to walk away from this trimester knowing about ancient civilizations, flight and fractions; but what really matters is their resilience, teamwork, perseverance and grit through all of this. The kids have been challenged to harness and ramp up so many of their skills, such as organization, technology use and communication, and self-regulation all the while establishing new spaces and routines and maintaining their integrity within the boundaries of their homes. All of this is paired with learning this new structure of distance learning.

Reflecting on the Mission:

I can’t think about our pillars without first thinking about our technology team. The patience and support and everything that they have provided for everyone in our community – I think that is Civility and Service at its finest.