We caught up with Mrs. Kesler to reflect on the pivot to a virtual Upper School math classroom.

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Our online math classes meet in various ways. We use both synchronous and asynchronous delivery for content and adjust weekly with small groups and classroom office hours. This allows for me to differentiate teaching and learning to best meet student needs. Depending on the activity, some students are highly independent and others may need more time to explore the content, so the office hours approach gives us the opportunity to answer individual questions in more depth.


Distance Learning is challenging because it can be difficult to read body language cues or nuances. We are working on opening up lines of communication and assisting students in advocating for themselves. Office hours helps greatly with that individual feedback loop with the students.

Overcoming Challenges:

One of the things we pride ourselves on in math is the ability to make activities hands-on and applicable to real-world examples. The pivot to a virtual classroom has provided challenges in this facet, but we’ve overcome that with innovative thinking. I try to incorporate household items and use everyday examples found around the house to make those connections. We’ve been able to include projects where students are able to use those everyday objects to demonstrate math understanding through building experiences we may normally have done in the Maker Space. I am very proud of the students’ creativity in connecting math to the world around them through these projects.