Fourth Grade State Fair

Published On: June 1st, 2022 | Categories: In The Classroom |

The fourth grade presented their annual State Fair project last week. A highpoint activity in the fourth grade curriculum, this project is the culmination of three months worth of study.

Each student chose a state to study with the aim of becoming an expert of their state. They set up stations surrounding Ibit’s Courtyard to share their information. Students shared the results of their research, displayed a book they created, shared their digital websites using QR codes, and presented their findings with students at all grade levels.

“My favorite part is that students learn and practice how to take a large twelve week research project and break it down into smaller weekly manageable goals,” says Mrs. Zuckerman, a fourth grade teacher. “They use a dozen or more print and web resources to learn key facts and interesting details about their state. Fourth graders use reading and writing strategies to take the most important points about what they read and put the information into their words and then compile the information into an information booklet chalk full of their learning.”

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