Summer Series: Gaining High School Math Credit

Published On: June 23rd, 2023 | Categories: Food for Thought, In The Classroom |


With campus rather quiet during the summer, we thought we would look back this week at a few learning experiences from the 2022-23 school year with our Summer Series blog posts.

Students can gain high school credit for both Algebra 1 and Geometry while attending Powhatan. “I’ve enjoyed moving back to a daily math schedule,” says Mr. Hagerty, an Upper School math teacher. “It’s refreshing. I see these students five days a week, in comparison to the block schedule I was used to before joining Powhatan this year. The continuity of instruction allows for a different level of pacing, acceleration and a deeper understanding of concepts. For example, we’ve just finished about a month’s worth of Trig in our eighth grade Geometry class and now have moved onto introductions to Algebra II core fundamentals. This puts our graduates way ahead in the math sequence for high school.”

Math is active! Catch a glimpse of Mr. Hagerty’s classroom in the video below:


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