Top-10 Most Popular Videos of the 2021-22 School Year (#4 & #5)

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Top-10 Most Popular Videos of the 2021-22 School Year

Each summer we look back at the most popular blog posts and videos from the past school year. Today we explore the #4 and #5 most viewed videos from last year!

Top-10 Countdown 2021-22: (#4 & #5)


#5 Acid, Base or Neutral? (629 views)

In this pH lab, students used a natural indicator – cabbage juice – to test whether 4 liquids were acidic, basic, or neutral. Students used graduated cylinders to measure 25 mL of each liquid, poured them into test tubes, and then added cabbage juice with pipettes. The cabbage juice, which starts a dark purple color, turns a brilliant pink – indicating an acid – when added to the vinegar. Students were pleased to see their hypotheses validated by this result. Some were surprised to see that Sprite was a weak acid as well, and many didn’t expect saltwater to stay purple – indicating that it is neutral. The most unexpected change was when soapy water turned the purple cabbage juice green, showing that it is a base. In one final test, students were given a cup of mystery liquid. The liquid turned the cabbage juice green, so students knew it was a base. We then mixed the vinegar from the test tube with the mystery base. When the fizzing cup nearly overflowed, students guessed correctly that the mystery liquid was baking soda in water. They quickly noticed that the combined liquids turned purple, indicating that the combination of acid and base brought the liquid back to neutral.


#4 Shakespeare 2021 (679 views)

The long-awaited return of live Shakespeare on campus premiered in the fall to an in-person audience for the first time since November 2019. The eighth grade class brought to life Shakespeare’s romantic comedy Twelfth Night to great applause. The re-emergence of Shakespeare on campus is a wonderful reminder of the creativity and innovation we’ve seen on campus throughout the pandemic. Transforming the breezeway between Lee Hall and the McIntosh Center for the Arts and Sciences into an outdoor stage was a stroke of genius. The eighth graders constructed their stage to create an outdoor performance theater that could accommodate smaller groups of students with social distancing measures. The ability to adapt and create an outdoor performance experience is a testament to the students and faculty.


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The school YouTube page has more than 630,000 total views. In the time period from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, we created a total of 33 videos ranging from experiences in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Of note, the Top-10 is focused on projects/trips/classroom experiences and is ranked solely on the number of views each video received. The more views a video received, the higher the ranking in the countdown.

Each day this week we will release videos on our countdown. Check back each morning to see the latest videos!

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