Top-10 Video Countdown

Congratulations to our 2020 winner! The most popular video of the 2020 school year highlights one of our oldest traditions in the Upper School! At 732 views, the video is our most popular for 2020.

#1. Upper School Retreat

Upper School Retreat is no stranger to our countdown. Up from second place in the 2019 series, the 2020 version takes viewers on a journey through the premier two-day off-campus community building experience.

We set aside two days at the beginning of each year because we think it’s important to start the year off right and come together as a school community. It is full of team building and tradition – and that’s how we build and reinforce our school culture.

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We hope that you have enjoyed the countdown this week. If you missed any of the videos, we’ve placed them all in order below!

#2. Bristlebots: Critical Thinking

In this video we tagged along with Mrs. Coutt’s fifth grade science class in the Makerspace. It is an activity full of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. At 575 views, we obviously weren’t the only ones to tag along.

#3. Exploring AR & VR Technology

In this video we caught up with Mrs. Miller, the Innovation and Technology teacher, at the beginning of the school year to talk about new opportunities to incorporate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality activities. A total 439 views is enough to cement this video in our Top-3.

#4. Buddy Week: Art

With 277 views, the Buddy Week video enters our countdown at #4. Buddy Week was a fantastic new experience that built on the longtime foundation of the Buddy Program. This video takes you into the art room during a fun Buddy Week activity!

#5. Shakespeare Week: Richard III

Shakespeare Week is no stranger to our countdown. The 2019 series included a fun look at Shakespeare through the lens of technology. A behind the scenes look at the making of Ceasars’ Ghost came in at #9 in 2019. This year Shakespeare arrives at the #5 spot on our countdown with 243 views.

#6. Exploring the inside of a cell using VR

Checking in at 227 views, this is another newcomer to the countdown. Join Mrs. Miller, the Innovation and Technology Teacher, as she walks you through a VR classroom experience.

#7. Virtual Learning Conversations: Mrs. Kesler

Clocking in at 227 views, Mrs. Kesler discusses teaching math in a virtual classroom.

#8. Community Service

The #8 video appears on our countdown with 224 views. The same service field trip appeared in our 2015 Top-10 Countdown at #5.

#9. Distance Learning Conversations: Mrs. Hobbs

Another faculty conversation during distance learning, this video clocks in at 223 views. Mrs. Hobbs took time to talk about how a project involving Virtual Reality and learning about Mars translated online.

#10. Distance Learning Conversations: Mrs. Bell

The #10 video appears on our countdown with 220 views. Mrs. Bell, a fifth grade teacher, took time to talk about how her class lived the Powhatan School mission during the pivot to distance learning.