Top-10 Video Countdown

Tune in all week as we rank the Top-10 most popular classroom videos from the school’s YouTube channel. Videos were ranked by the number of views this year. Today we unveil the #10 & #9 videos in our countdown!

#10. Virtual Learning Conversations: Mrs. Bell

The #10 video appears on our countdown with 220 views. Mrs. Bell, a fifth grade teacher, took time to talk about how her class lived the Powhatan School mission during the pivot to distance learning.

“Establishing a positive perspective is the fuel that has kept us moving forward. We are fortunate as individuals that we get to choose what our perspective is on all of this. So I can either see the pace and the change as a burden, or I can see it as a blessing. What we choose to magnify becomes the biggest thing we see. We can either choose to magnify the challenges and the hurdles and hardships, or we can celebrate small victories, milestones, and the things that make us joyful in this process – and for me that is my students. Our students have demonstrated growth mindset like I’ve never seen before. Their resilience in this process just continues to amaze me.” ~Mrs. Bell

#9. Virtual Learning Conversations: Mrs. Hobbs

Another faculty conversation during distance learning, this video clocks in at 223 views. Mrs. Hobbs took time to talk about how a project involving Virtual Reality and learning about Mars translated online.

The Mars Colony Project is a culminating activity for the seventh grade astronomy unit. Students spent the past few months learning about space travel, the solar system and stars and galaxies. They researched and learned about NASA programs and Space X Mars exploration programs. After researching these activities, they then were tasked to build and design a realistic Mars colonies using CoSpaces.

“It was fascinating to see the amount of communication and collaboration the students had to use to pull off the project,” says Mrs. Hobbs. “They really got creative with how they communicated with each other. Some of them were leaving messages for their partner within the CoSpace environment and it was great to talk to them about that process.” ~Mrs. Hobbs