Top-10 Video Countdown

Tune in all week as we rank the Top-10 most popular classroom videos from the school’s YouTube channel. Videos were ranked by the number of views this year. Today we unveil the #5 & #4 videos in our countdown!

#5. Shakespeare Week: Richard III

Shakespeare Week is no stranger to our countdown. The 2019 series included a fun look at Shakespeare through the lens of technology. A behind the scenes look at the making of Caesar’s’ Ghost came in at #9 last year. This year Shakespeare arrives at the #5 spot on our countdown with 243 views.

Traditions and rituals help cement a school’s identity while signaling what a school values. This tradition has been a part of the school since the early 1960s, and the annual Shakespeare play is rite of passage for the eighth grade class. And while the play itself is a massive undertaking for these students, there are many important lessons that are taught along the way. We went behind the scenes during Shakespeare Week to capture the important lessons that we learn through theater. In fact, the performance of and preparation for a production, like Richard III, is a terrific example of fostering 21st Century Skills:

Collaboration & Teamwork
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking


#4. Buddy Week: Art

With 277 views, the Buddy Week video enters our countdown at #4. Buddy Week was a fantastic new experience that built on the longtime foundation of the Buddy Program. This video takes you into the art room during a fun Buddy Week activity!

Buddy Activities are often referred to by students and faculty alike as a highlight of the Powhatan experience. Building relationships with new children each year contributes to the social and emotional well-being of each member of our Powhatan community, and we feel strongly that this is an essential part of all children’s education.

The purpose of the Buddy Program is to build mentorship and friendship between different aged students. We build a strong sense of community through buddies. These activities build confidence in younger students – through a strong sense of belonging. Older students – Big Buddies – take on a leadership role, like today’s mural activity. Students cheer for their buddies when they endeavor to try something new, they encourage one another when they perform in plays, and they support each other in various activities across campus.

This year, we used our theme – Positively Powhatan – to design multiple activities across campus for an entire week!

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