Top-10 Video Countdown

Tune in all week as we rank the Top-10 most popular classroom videos from the school’s YouTube channel. Videos were ranked by the number of views this year. Today we unveil the #8, #7 & #6 videos in our countdown!

#8. Community Service

It is always fun to see videos make the list in multiple years. The same service learning field trip appeared in our 2015 Top-10 Countdown at #5. This year’s version makes the list at #8 on our countdown with 224 views.

Service is one of the five pillars of the Powhatan mission. In December, students stock piled canned goods in their classroom in preparation for their annual field trip to stock the shelves of the Christ Church Cares Food Pantry.

Students take an entire morning to deliver the donations to Christ Church Cares Food Pantry just down the road in Millwood, Va. During the trip students learned about the meaningful ways the pantry serves people in our local area and the importance of helping others. After the field trip, students journaled about their experience. This hands-on experience has always been a notable memory for each fifth grader and is another meaningful way we live our school motto; We learn not for school, but for LIFE.

#7. Virtual Learning Conversations: Mrs. Kesler

Clocking in at 227 views, Mrs. Kesler discusses teaching math in a virtual classroom.

Our online math classes meet in various ways. We use both synchronous and asynchronous delivery for content and adjust weekly with small groups and classroom office hours. This allows for me to differentiate teaching and learning to best meet student needs. Depending on the activity, some students are highly independent and others may need more time to explore the content, so the office hours approach gives us the opportunity to answer individual questions in more depth.

“Distance Learning is challenging because it can be difficult to read body language cues or nuances. We are working on opening up lines of communication and assisting students in advocating for themselves. Office hours helps greatly with that individual feedback loop with the students.” ~Mrs. Kesler

#6. Exploring the inside of a cell using VR

Checking in at 234 views, this is another newcomer to the countdown. Join Mrs. Miller, the Innovation and Technology Teacher, as she walks you through a VR classroom experience.

This sixth grade Virtual Reality (VR) experience began when Mr. Legge collaborated with Mrs. Miller in hopes of helping his Life Science students deepen their understanding of human cells. His students viewed “Cellscape: A Virtual Reality Journey Inside a Cell” on the Oculus Quest headsets.

Mr. Legge could have had his students read about human cells in a textbook, watch a documentary, or illustrate cell diagrams, but that doesn’t reflect the same learning experience as taking a “field trip” to the middle of a cell. “Cellscape” shrinks viewers down a million times and places them right into the center of a working human cell. While in the experience, students look all around them while a narrator guides them on a tour of the complex cell processes at work. This “field trip” into a cell gave his students a much deeper understanding of cell parts and functions because they were able to experience it happening all around them.

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