Winter Tuesday: We learn not for school but for LIFE

Published On: February 14th, 2023 | Categories: In The Classroom |


What is Winter Tuesday?

If you are new to the Powhatan School community there are a number of traditions and programs that might seem to have it’s own lingo. When we might refer to Chapel Talks, POST/RAIL, NEAL or the Buddy Program, a family new to Powhatan might not exactly understand what we mean.

Winter Tuesday is one of those traditions that might not be clear just based on the name.

Based around the idea that we need to be active during the cold winter months, Winter Tuesday provides both on-campus and off-campus activities for children. The on-campus program is called Winter Blitz and the Ski/Snowboard Program is often unofficially referred to by families as “Ski Tuesday.”


Ski/Snowboard Program:

Ski Programs are common to independent schools across the mid-Atlantic and northeast. The program provides Powhatan School students the opportunity to learn to Ski and Snowboard from professional instructors. Winter Tuesdays are designed with our school motto in mind, as students learn a lifelong skill that they can enjoy long after they’ve graduated from Powhatan School, as; we learn not for school, but for LIFE.

We learn not for school, but for LIFE.

The Ski/Snowboard Program is held at Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, Pa. Students are grouped with an instructor from day one and are required to take two lessons daily both lasting one and a half hours each. In between lessons, students are able to practice what they have learned from their instructor with friends and family during a fun filled free ski time.

“I personally believe these days are extremely beneficial to students as they face challenges on the slopes, encourage others in their group, and encounter success along the way,” says Mr. Bitner, the coordinator the the Ski/Snowboard Program. “It is great to be able to see the progress of each skier and snowboarder throughout the entirety of the four week program. We are lucky to have caring Powhatan staff and experienced Whitetail instructors out alongside the students as they learn this amazing lifelong sport!”


Winter Blitz:

The on-campus Winter Blitz program offers students an opportunity to take part in a variety of activities that one wouldn’t normally do during the school day. Cooking is popular amongst all ages and the opportunity to create in the Makerspace is exciting too. We offer technology to our older students where they can create with the green screen and use VR equipment. Also, students enjoy relaxing by playing board games with friends, creating poetry, participating in music and dance, and having their time in the art studio.

During the afternoon we enjoy our time off campus by visiting Northside Lanes for bowing. There is so much excitement that travels from lane to lane as the kids can hardly wait to see the results of how many pins drop. Our trip to the Sportsplex offers our kids plenty of exercise with an indoor soccer area, volleyball, basketball, and a climbing wall. Our finale is our very popular trip to The Alamo where students can enjoy a movie before heading to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and game play during the afternoon.


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