Lauren Cline

Published On: August 9th, 2023 | Categories: Staff Member |

Position: Upper School Math Teacher

Education: Juniata College – B.S. Human Communication and Behavior
Western Governors University – M.ED. in Mathematics Education
McDaniel College – Admin 1 Certification

Certifications/Licensures: Admin 1 Certification, Teaching Mathematics grades 5-9, Algebra 1 endorsement

Years of Teaching Experience: 7

At Powhatan Since: 2023

Bio: I’ll admit, some math topics are HARD for some kiddos, but that’s where I come in, to add some spunk and flair in order to create a classroom culture of student accountability, innovation, and growth. During my time teaching in public and Catholic school, I learned that enthusiasm is contagious, so it is only natural that my goal for your student is to be drooling for math class and become a confidently independent math student. I absolutely LOVE to read and listen to podcasts of educational research books on grading procedures, mathematical lesson delivery and educational leadership.

I use a flipped classroom model, as research has proven it increases students retention and builds the foundational skills necessary for the progressive math classroom. It allows students to have more control over their learning by allowing students to pause or rewind lectures, read through the content repeatedly, make a note of their questions, or discuss the content with their peers, instructors, or tutors. Students who retain topics more easily, will be able to move at a faster pace, preventing boredom and negative classroom behaviors. Students also benefit from being able to review difficult content without getting left behind, including if he/she is absent. Talk about a MAJOR WIN, WIN!

Hobbies: I love me some hobbies, especially if my pups, Leo and Louie, can join!! Traveling anywhere by plane, boat or car! (yes, they travel with me!) All things fitness and clean eating – Coaching and playing volleyball. Exploring art museums

Quote: “We’ve become experts at beating ourselves up for our failures and yawning in the face of our achievements-’tis somehow nobler to self-deprecate than to self-celebrate-so do let us make the choice to flip this around right now. Remember, habits are all about who you’re being, so be the kind of person who’s in the habit of forgiving your failures and appreciating your awesomeness.”
– Jen Sincero

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