It is the time of year to start thinking about arrangements for summer tutoring. By now parents will have been informed about whether their child will need some tutoring over the summer, whether it is to make further strides in a subject or to maintain gains made during the school year. Copies of the tutoring list for this summer are on the counter in the Administration building. There are a number of teachers on our list that are not on our staff, but that are also very qualified to work with your child. Parents might want to call and inquire about their area of expertise, or contact the school for more information.

A description of the specific recommended or required summer work will be included with your child’s report card, and there will also be a tutoring record log that needs to be filled in and signed by the tutor. Please give the list of required or recommended work to the tutor so the child’s program can be planned appropriately. The tutor will also need to have the tutoring log. The log should be turned in to Mrs. Kesler, Director of Lower School, at the beginning of the school year.

Please contact the school for updated tutor contact information.


Summer Tutoring List 2015